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2010 White House Executive Order

January 14, 2010 No Comments

For those who wanted to view the Executive Order on Council of Governors, the link is provided below. There are those who strongly oppose this and there are those who believe this is greatly needed. THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release January 11, 2010 EXECUTIVE ORDER ESTABLISHMENT OF THE COUNCIL […]

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Religious leaders rally for health care reform

August 20, 2009 No Comments

The White House campaign to promote health care reform has been taking some pretty hard knocks lately from both opponents and allies. So on Wednesday President Obama looked to the heavens for help. He spoke on a conference call of interfaith leaders and members of their congregations from around the country to try and dispel […]

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Is we or is we not a Christian Nation?

August 10, 2009 No Comments

To answer the question we went to Wikipedia to get the answers. To further investigate there is a link at the end of the page. Main religious preferences of Americans United States religiosity Religion Percent Christianity 78.4% No religion 16.1% Judaism 1.7% Buddhism 0.7% Islam 0.6% Hinduism 0.4% Other 1.2% According to a 2007 survey,[10] […]

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The Sotomayor Rules

May 29, 2009 No Comments

OPINION: POTOMAC WATCH MAY 29, 2009 Some were made to be broken. By KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL President Barack Obama has laid down his ground rules for the debate over Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. The big question now is whether Republicans agree to play by rules that neither Mr. Obama nor his party have themselves […]

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80 year old Catholic Priest and Alan Keyes arrested at Notre Dame

May 17, 2009 1 Comment

An 80 year old Catholic Priest and Alan Keyes a known GOP political commentator, among others, were arrested at/near Notre Dame because they protested abortion.  What has many Catholics upset is that a Priest was arrested at or near the Catholic University while standing for traditional/current Catholic doctrine while living in America. Please look at […]

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Anoka-Hennepin school district sexual policy advances

Article by: MARIA ELENA BACA , Star Tribune The Anoka-Hennepin teachers’ union has given a qualified blessing to the...

Staff of Miramonte replaced pending sex abuse inquiry

By Howard Blume, Sam Allen and Angel Jennings, Los Angeles Times February 7, 2012, 12:17 a.m. L.A. Unified Supt....

“Rape Tag” in School

School responds immediately to reports of ‘rape tag’ game February 1, 2012 By Kremena Spengler – Staff Writer ,...

Teacher Charged with Taking Bondage Pics of Students

By COLLEEN CURRY | ABC News A former elementary school teacher in Los Angeles has been arrested for allegedly...