Education, Drinking and Sex

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According to a study done by Journal of American College Health, college students living in coed dorms are 2.5 times more likely to drink excessively during the week. Whereas those in single sex dorms binge drinking is at 17.6%. A Harvard study has shown that 44% of college students are binge drinkers. A side note: coed dorm tenants think it is okay to sexually hook up with no expectations. 90% of college dorms are coed in one form or another.

Since we mentioned hooking up – We found the following quiz in an advertising supplement called Just for Guys / Just for Girls. Here are some of the questions:

For Girls:

STD Quiz

Q1.) — out of — sexually active young women has had a

a. 1 out of 30, b. 1 out of 15, c. 1 out of 7, d. 1 out of 2

Q2.) T/F: You can get an STD if you have oral sex.

Answer: Q1-D, and Q2-True

Cancer for Young Women’s Health,  Center for Disease Control

For Boys:

STD Quiz

Q1.) About ____ percent of all STD’s occur in people under the age of 25

A. 34%, b. 50%, c. 25% d. 56%

2.) There are at least 25 different STD’s many of which are incurable.
Untreated STD’s can cause.

A. Chronic pain, B. Infertility, C. Cancer D. Death E. All of the above

Answer: Q1-B and Q2-E

Center for Disease Control, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

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