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Topics included: 3 forms of intercourse, defining sex as oral, anal and vaginal.., How to make dental dams for cunnilingus, analingus or rimming.

When we saw the articles concerning Sex Education Could Mean Charges for Teachers,2933,590520,00.html?test=latestnews, we sorted through our Sex Ed stuff to view what would be considered offensive. Here is a brief compilation of our Sex Ed notes.

A Zogby Poll showed that Explicit Sex Ed Is opposed by most parents in survey. While most parents want their children taught the ABC’s of sex the majority do not want their kids taught about masturbation, sexual fantasies, how to unroll condoms, etc.

A Study published by the Alan Guttmacher Institute in Family Planning Perspectives in 1998 of almost 2,000 high school students in UCLA showed, what was considered shocking at the time, that homosexual experimentation among teens doubled after safe sex ed instruction was given. Of equal concern to FRI was that 40% of heterosexual kids in the study tried anal sex with their partners – Here are links from CDC (Center for Disease Control) on Sex Ed: CDC releases new data on HIV and Syphillis rates among Gay men and MSM. and Health Topic: Behavioral Risk Factors

California Sex Ed: ,

Sex Ed links TEENS turn to: ,,

There is a conference in Minnesota called Minnesota School Health Education. Educators can glean comprehensive Sex Ed knowledge that is supported by SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Educator Council of the United States – )  According to an article the Minnesota Conference topics included: 3 forms of intercourse, defining sex as oral, anal and vaginal. Sexual behaviors i.e. cuddling without clothes on, oral sex, various intercourse, masturbating with partner, touching partners genitals etc., Demonstrating condom use, How to make dental dams for cunnilingus, analingus or rimming. Here is a link with an oral sex brochure from a Minnesota Health Conference: click on this link then type in birds and bees, then click on birds and bees informational flyer, then click on oral sex brochure. We also pulled the following link from the same sight because there is a bit more info than most sex ed conference commentators provide. For clarification only some Minnesota Schools follow these guidelines.

According to Dr. Meeker (book, Epidemic How Teen Sex is Killing our Kids)

*  Epidemic is defined as a disease that attacks many people simultaneously.

*  The CDC categorizes the crisis as a “multiple epidemic” since it involves at least 25 different STD’s – nearly 50 if you count the variant strains of the same disease.

*  1 in 5 kids have herpes. Herpes has no cure.

*  HPV causes 99.7% of cervical cancer.

*  1 in 10 has Chlamydia.

*  Almost 50% of kids from grades nine through twelve has had sex

*  Half of all girls are likely to be infected with an STD during their first sexual experience.

*  1 in 4 sexually active teens have STD’s.

*  Herpes (herpes simplex type 2 or genital herpes) has sky rocketed 500% among white teenagers in the last 20 years.

*  1 in 10 girls have Chlamydia.

*   According to a 2002 study by the AMA the number of people with STD’s could be twice as much as originally thought.

We provide you decide.

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