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Rasmussen Reports shows 64% of voters view Pelosi unfavorable

17% Approval Rate for Congress; Half of Americans Would Vote Every Member Out

A Rasmussen Reports survey released March 12 shows Pelosi to be “the most unpopular congressional leader.” She’s viewed unfavorably by 64 percent of voters (an Augusts showed the same outcome}- 29 percent view her favorably

Could the following be why?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she may use the self-executing rule to push through Obamacare. (SIDE NOTE: Fox News home page displays this quote from Pres. Obama “I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are.”) This Legislation will place one-sixth of the economy under federal control without an actual House vote. Some voters are wondering if Washington believes our U.S. Representatives will be able to claim they didn’t vote for the Healthcare Bill because they voted for “package changes” instead. Once the “package” passes they can “deem” the Senate bill passed

She criticized anti-healthcare protests as “un-American” and characterized protestors as swastika-toting radicals.

She’s been quiet on ex-Democratic Rep. Eric Massa’s sordid lifestyle. The House voted 402-1 to urge the ethics committee to keep the probe open upon learning that in October, Massa’s chief of staff had gone to Pelosi’s office and blown the whistle on Massa.

Pelosi stated she did not know that the CIA had engaged in waterboarding, although an intelligence report displayed she had attended a briefing on the technique.

Here are 2 side notes to this article

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 NBC/WSJ Poll: 17% Approval Rate for Congress; Half of Americans Would Vote Every Member Out

Also, according to the Fox Special Report interview with President Obama, the President stated he isn’t worried about procedural debate over whether House Dem leaders should go ahead with plan to approve healthcare without traditional vote. To see the entire interview go to Special Report on Fox it airs tonight 6:00 Eastern Time or if you’re like me go to the web page afterwards.

We know that there are plenty of citizens that want the current HealthCare Bill and we know that there are those that support Pelosi and the Congress.  When we find factual articles that will help maintain balance on our blog we will post them.

We provide, you decide.

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