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NPR, Muslim Brotherhood and Jews

March 21, 2011 No Comments

Here is the NPR sting video in its entirety.  Mainstream media did not display the comments on Palestinian and Zionists viewpoints “fairly” represented in the media. We provide – you decide.

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U.N. to teach masturbation and orgasms in schools

March 19, 2011 No Comments

In case you haven’t heard the request for the U.N. to teach masturbation and orgasms in schools … We pulled facts from very opinioned articles and have provided links that you can use as tools. The National Survey of Family Growth  (NSFG’s) studies research sexual behavior – anything from simple attraction to sexual identity -. […]

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‘Playboy’ – Thomas stands behind questionable Israeli comments “I knew exactly what I was doing.”

March 19, 2011 No Comments

In Playboy’s April interview Veteran Journalist Helen Thomas said Jews have “total control” over the White House and US Congress , “Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies.” She discusses the following statements; Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine“, “go home to Poland, Germany and the United States.”  - “Israelis have […]

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URGENT: Ron Paul seeks vote to end foreign aid to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Pakistan | The Cable

February 18, 2011 No Comments

Rep Ron Paul wanting to cut off spending in middle east – we found the least opinionated article written by The Cable Foreign Policy.

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February 8, 2011 No Comments

PRO LIFE – PRO CHOICE? LIFE AT CONCEPTION BILLS ARE MOVING LIFE BILLS MAY BE VOTED ON SOON according to some outlets….Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) introduced the Life at Conception Act and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA 52) introduced the related House Bill – H.R. 374. Here are summary and status links to the Bills. Senate: […]

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Internet Freedom Act Bill – H.R. 96

February 3, 2011 No Comments

Speaking of CONTROLLING the Internet…. We are providing the link that has a summary of U.S. Senator Collin’s Internet “Kill Switch” Bill S3480 . We have also located a summary of Internet Freedom Act Bill – H.R. 96.  This Bill is meant to prohibit the FCC “from proposing, promulgating or issuing any regulation with […]

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Supreme Court of the United States – Docket Search

January 31, 2011 No Comments

Supreme Court, President Obama, and now Associate Justice Elena Kagan. On this link you will see the U.S. Supreme Court Dockets that involve President Obama and now Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan. On this link you can see a decision concerning President Obama and a few other things.  These links are in […]

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Repeal of Obama Care Vote Coming Soon

January 19, 2011 No Comments

HealthCare Bill (ObamaCare) and New/Increased Taxes…. As we’ve heard repeal of “ObamaCare” vote is on its way.  Here is a sample list of new or increased taxes in the HealthCare Bill that have some Americans hot under the collar. Individual Mandate Excise Tax (January 2014): anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance must pay an income […]

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Congresswoman Gifford’s Shooter

January 10, 2011 No Comments

Due to some misinformation Political Mercenaries has compiled information from YouTube, ABC and Arizona Papers on Congresswoman Gifford’s shooter. Arizona Papers state: “described by friends and former classmates as a loner, prone to dressing in black regalia of boots, trench coat and baggy pants even on the hottest days.” Pima Community College removed him “for […]

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Exchange of David Horwitz and UCSD Muslim Female.

January 7, 2011 No Comments

While this exchange is 8 months old we have received requests to put it on our site – we provide you decide.

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