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U.N. to teach masturbation and orgasms in schools

March 19, 2011 No Comments

In case you haven’t heard the request for the U.N. to teach masturbation and orgasms in schools … We pulled facts from very opinioned articles and have provided links that you can use as tools. The National Survey of Family Growth  (NSFG’s) studies research sexual behavior – anything from simple attraction to sexual identity -. […]

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Census Bureau & Same Sex Couples

April 8, 2010 No Comments

How the Census Bureau suggests same sex couples count themselves.

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April 8, 2010 No Comments

Topics included: 3 forms of intercourse, defining sex as oral, anal and vaginal.., How to make dental dams for cunnilingus, analingus or rimming. When we saw the articles concerning Sex Education Could Mean Charges for Teachers,2933,590520,00.html?test=latestnews, we sorted through our Sex Ed stuff to view what would be considered offensive. Here is a […]

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Texas and ‘Gay’ Christ

March 25, 2010 No Comments

Story based off of FoxNews – we pulled the opinions. Residents of Stephenville, Texas, are furious that a local university will allow the performance of Corpus Christi the play depicts a gay Jesus sharing a kiss with Judas and marries two apostles in a same-sex ceremony. A school spokeswoman said it changed the performance time […]

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Planned Parenthood Pushes Intensive Sex Education for Kids as Young as 10

February 8, 2010 No Comments

By Ed Barnes A new report by the International Planned Parenthood Federation is advocating that children as young as 10 be given extensive sex education, including an awareness of sex’s pleasures. The report, “Stand and Deliver,” charges that religious groups, specifically Catholics and Muslims, deny their young access to comprehensive sexual programs and education. “Young […]

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Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment Promotional Trailer

February 6, 2010 No Comments

By LA Times Blog—- Gerrick D. Kennedy Two Los Angeles filmmakers are shedding light on a federal trial concerning same-sex marriage in California, whose proceedings were blacked out by the U.S. Supreme Court. Using the work of courtroom bloggers, official transcripts and professional actors, John Ireland and John Ainsworth are bringing the trial to life, […]

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Education, Drinking and Sex

February 1, 2010 No Comments

According to a study done by Journal of American College Health, college students living in coed dorms are 2.5 times more likely to drink excessively during the week. Whereas those in single sex dorms binge drinking is at 17.6%. A Harvard study has shown that 44% of college students are binge drinkers. A side note: […]

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*WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT* Fox network shows bestiality on American Dad

January 15, 2010 No Comments

Foxes “American Dad” According to the PTC (Parents Television Council} this show is a popular children’s (ages 2-11) animated program. This was aired on 1/3/10, it is season 5 episode 10. ROGER: “You’re gonna have to do the horse chores…You have to brush the horse’s coat and mane, water and feed it, then give it […]

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Sex Infections

December 29, 2009 No Comments

Since we ran two articles that promote having sex, we thought we would run the following information. #1. A report from NCPA SEX INFECTIONS STILL GROWING IN UNITED STATES The United States has among the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) of any developed country in the world, says John Douglas, director of the […]

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Anoka-Hennepin school district sexual policy advances

Article by: MARIA ELENA BACA , Star Tribune The Anoka-Hennepin teachers’ union has given a qualified blessing to the...

Staff of Miramonte replaced pending sex abuse inquiry

By Howard Blume, Sam Allen and Angel Jennings, Los Angeles Times February 7, 2012, 12:17 a.m. L.A. Unified Supt....

“Rape Tag” in School

School responds immediately to reports of ‘rape tag’ game February 1, 2012 By Kremena Spengler – Staff Writer ,...

Teacher Charged with Taking Bondage Pics of Students

By COLLEEN CURRY | ABC News A former elementary school teacher in Los Angeles has been arrested for allegedly...